Does Nerve Surgery Take Place in the Teeth?

Does Nerve Surgery Take Place in the Teeth?

There comes in a time in the life of every person when they sustain some form of damage or the other to the teeth. However, in cases where the dental pulp is harmed, proper attention is required. Dental pulp refers to the living tissue located in the tooth’s root canal, and it contains nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissues. The extent of injury and the surgery varies considerably, but they are also affected by the condition of the tooth. The surgery that’s used to cure this type of dental pulp injury is known as endodontic or root canal treatment.

Choosing the Right Doctor

Children as well as adults sustain damage to the dental pulp, and they have to approach a dentist for dealing with the pain. Actually, every dentist, including the general dentist, can complete an endodontic surgery as long as they’ve received the right sort of training in dental school. However, for more serious conditions, the general dentists refer the patients to the specialists who are known as endodontists.

The reason why endodontists are the go-to doctors for these types of nerve procedures in the teeth is because they’ve received specialized treatment that can help the patients recover faster. They are capable of providing only endodontic services in the course of their practice, and because they have specialized in that field. For a person to become an endodontist, they actually have to undergo advanced training for more than two years following dental school. Endodontic surgery can get quite complex, and unless a person has the right sort of training, they may slip up. Such complications cannot be afforded by the patients.

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