How Does Peripheral Nerve Surgery Work?

How Does Peripheral Nerve Surgery Work?

Peripheral nerve surgery – a lot of people keep hearing the term without quite understanding what it means. Well, to be precise, peripheral nerve surgery involves operating on the nerves present within the peripheral nervous system of the body. These nerves are located outside of the brain and the spinal cord, and so have no connection to the central nervous system. As the name suggests, the location of these nerves is in the periphery of the body, like the legs and the arms. It also includes the nerves present in the face/scalp and trunk sections of the body. There are various reasons why we suffer from problems related to the peripheral nervous system. Let’s take a look at some of these below.

Common Causes

Your peripheral nerves might be subjected to a lot of pressure as they pass along the normal route from the spinal cord and the brain to the final area, like the back of the scalp and the toes. A tumor might be present inside the nerve, leading to the buildup of pressure or there might be an external tumor that exerts pressure on the nerve. Your nerves might have sustained some form of trauma from a prior surgical procedure or accident. Injuries may also be caused to the nerve owing to excessive stretching. This usually happens when you’ve sustained a sudden injury like a whiplash.

Modes of Treatment

The kind of treatment that you’ll receive for your condition depends entirely on the pathology. There might be some sort of external pressure on the nerves that leads to irritation. If that is the case, then it’s up to the nerve surgeons to relieve this external pressure. The best example for such a procedure is the one that’s performed at the time of nerve decompression to treat long-lasting and chronic pains and headaches. If some sort of tumor is present inside the nerve, it is easy to remove it and the nerve might be preserved without any kind of difficulty. However, reconstruction surgery is also an option in order to restore function and sensation to the nerves. If there is a cut of some kind on your peripheral nerves, surgery is the only way to repair the damage.

Medical Procedure of Surgeons

Any plastic surgeon who is well-versed in the field of peripheral nerve surgery will know that the ideal way to cure a peripheral nerve problem, like carpal tunnel syndrome, is to un-pinch or decompress the nerve through the adjustment of the tissue that lies around it. This means that the nerve is not tampered with, and it is left intact. This sort of procedure has a very high rate of success.

According to recent research, some nerves present in the neck and the head remain compression, and if they are decompressed, it leads to total relief from the chronic headaches. The effects of this treatment can sometimes be permanent. Such modern procedures tend to produce quite dramatic effects that benefit you in the long run.

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